GSDA of WA Puppy Information Pack

Puppy Information Pack

This is general information which is given to any enquiry about our breed.  There are many informative articles attached to this page. Please feel free to ask any other questions – we are only too happy to help. 

Thank you for your interest in our breed and feel free to make a trip to our training ground to take the opportunity to see puppies through to older adult dogs to make the assessment of the type of dog you are searching for.

Personally I have owned German Shepherds for years and have a great love and trust in my breed HOWEVER a puppy must be well socialised and exposed to outside stimuli to make it complete.  Our breed is extremely loyal and protective and therefore must be trained to ensure that ability is channelled in the correct way.

We provide excellent quality training for a modest cost where a dog’s needs can be tended to and people with experience can advise you if you have a problem.

Please note: 

The G.S.D.A. of W.A. does not have any influence over the pricing structure of our breeders.

Even pet shops seem to have priced all puppies through the roof – impulse buying and a cute little face go a long way to opening up your wallet!!  The association does not recommend breeders per say, this is why we suggest a bit of research and a visit to some of our breeders – this goes a long way to choosing which puppy will share your lives as a valuable family member.

Breeders who go onto our Puppy Listing are required to follow a set of guidelines.  See our Recommended Breeding Practices.

We have our own training ground.  It is our Headquarters in Passmore Street Southern River. 

Training on Sundays during most of the year until the end of November then in December we begin socialisation classes in the evenings on Wednesdays. Please note dates are subject to finalisation of arrangements.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page in case of excessive heat or bad weather – the trainers will place advice up there for members.


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