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Notice to all Members

In view of the confusion arising from whether or not Training / Socialisation classes would be running last night (Wednesday the 6th January 2021) due to the really hot day. The following will be put in place which hopefully will take away and uncertainty regarding future training / Socialisation classes and will enable members to decide whether or not they wish to train on the warm nights.

If the temperature, at the start time of 7.00 pm, is above 35 degrees then the Dogswest Heat Policy will be followed and training will be suspended until the temperature drops below 35 degrees.

Once the temperature is below 35 degrees the Training / Socialisation classes will commence as normal. The decision on whether or not to train under these rules is a decision to be made by the Member, as it should be.

Our Instructors have both the ability and the common sense to be able to make a decision to cut short the session if they feel it is necessary.

If any Instructor decides that they don’t feel comfortable taking classes when the temperature is in the low thirties then I would totally support their decision not to take a class, we are all volunteers and should be supported in any personal decision that we make.

We live in a hot State and often have early evening temperatures in the low thirties and I hope that the above information helps both Members and Instructors make decisions, on whether or not to train, easier to make.

If any member has a question about the above please feel free to contact me on or on 0435 751 346

Ian Marr

GSDA of WA Training Supervisor.


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Obedience – TBA

GSDCA HD/ED Control Scheme: Breeders and Owners Please note

Please ensure that your veterinarian is aware of this requirement, as documented on the GSDCA HD/ED

Control Scheme Application form under “Advice to Veterinarian” which reads as follows:-

“Computer Radiography Generated Images (Digital X-rays):

For computer radiography generated images (digital x-rays) to be accepted by the GSDCA Hip Dysplasia

and Elbow Dysplasia Control Scheme, the images must be of a high quality and saved as DICOM

Images. (i.e. .dcm extension)”



New requirements for the GSDCA ED Control Scheme