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The German Shepherd Dog Association of Western Australia (Inc) strongly suggests that you purchase your new German Shepherd Dog Puppy from a breeder whom has endeavoured to breed to the best available standards and practices. Please refer to the information contained in the Constitution and Rules webpage section entitled Recommended Breeding Practices, and also to the GSDCA Schemes webpage.

We encourage our breeders to comply with the Recommended Breeding Practices and GSDCA Breed Improvement Schemes with all of their breeding males and females in their breeding programme.  It is the vendor’s responsibility to ensure their puppy is bred to those standards.

Prior to Purchase

Before purchasing a pup, do as much research and investigation as possible to enhance your opportunity to secure a sound dog as your future companion and enjoyed family pet. There can be no “hard and fast” guarantee in any form of animal breeding and subsequent development. You can only enter into this pursuit safely if you maximize your chances of success by doing the necessary “homework” prior to selection.

Purchase of a pup should be a negotiated contract solely between the owner to be (purchaser) and the breeder (vendor). The puppy buyer must accept sole responsibility and risk associated with the use and results of GSDA of WA material on this service, irrespective of the purpose to which such use or results are applied. In no event shall the GSDA of WA be liable for any special, indirect or consequential damages or any damages whatsoever resulting from loss of use, investment or profits, whether in an action contract, negligence or tort, rising out of or in connection with the use or performance of GSDA of WA materials on this service.

You should be very clear as to your future criteria, needs and requirements for the pup to be purchased.

Recommended Breeding Practices