Show Critiques

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2023 Show & Trial Results

22/04/2023 State Breed Exhibition, Judge Greg Green
02/07/2023 Members Competition, Judge Robyn Knuckey
26/08/2023 Walter Martin Memorial Championship Show, Judge Glen Gregory
27/08/2023 Rick Richardson Memorial Championship Show, Judge Natalie Humphries
10/09/2023 Members Competition, Judge N McDermott
01/10/2023 Members Competition, Judge John Fenner
29/10/2023 West Coast Challenge, Judge Sanjit Mohanty (India)

2022 Show & Trial Results

10/04/2022 – Members Comp, Judge John Fenner
16-17/04/2022 – State Breed Exhibition, Judge Karen Hedberg
26/06/2022 – 2nd Members Competition, Judge J Butterfield
20/08/2022 – Rick Richardson Memorial Championship Show, Judge Jo Cathie
21/08/2022 – Walter Martin Memorial Show, Judge Carol O’Rourke
11/09/2022 – Members Competition, Judge Andrew O’Loughlin
02/10/2022 – 4th Members Competition, Judge Kurt Morton
23/10/2022 – West Coast Challenge – Judge David Middleton (UK)

2021 Show and Trial Results

27/03/2021 Members Competition, Judge Robyn Knuckey
2021 State Breed Exhibition, Judge Peter Flynn
27/06/2021 Members Competition, Judge Natalie Humphries
03/07/2021 GSD Qualifying Endurance Test Results
24/07/2021 GSD Only Qualifying Results Rally & Obedience
21/08/2021 Rick Richardson Memorial Championship Show
03/10/2021 Members Competition, Judge Jenny De Lucia
24/10/2021 GSDAWA West Coast Challange – Judge Stephen Collins
14/11/2021 Closed Club Trial & Graduation Report
Winners of GSDAWA Presentation Day